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Wine tasting, girls night, and relaxation- weekend recap

Hey everyone, Happy Monday! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to for the past couple days. I had a lot of fun with my friend Megan over the weekend! Even though I had to work for a bit on Saturday, I still got in a good amount of run and relaxing.

Looking through my phone I realized I took a whopping 4 pictures, so not much to share today. I can tell you what we did, though!

Megan got in Saturday afternoon and after catching up for a while, we hit up the Williamsburg Winery to do a wine tasting.


I’m not a huge fan of Virginia wines, but I’d have to say that Williamsburg makes some pretty good ones!


After our wine tasting, we hit up Trader Joe’s (I think they all know me by name there) to pick up pizza supplies for Chef Riley. I requested his spinach, ricotta, and prosciutto pizza that was so good. Round two of this pizza did not disappoint!


We also indulged in some cheese and crackers and, of course, some wine!


Saturday night we played a game called Cards Against Humanity. It’s the funnest/most wildly inappropriate game ever and we had so much fun playing it! If you like playing Apples to Apples, it’s like that game, but way more fun and hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard playing a game before.

After playing cards, Megan and I went across the street to a local restaurant to hear a band play for a little while. We had so much fun just catching up and hanging out! Even though sometimes we go months without seeing each other, when we do hang out it’s like we pick up right where we left off.

Sunday, Riley made us a huge brunch and we watched the Olympics some before Megan headed home. The rest of my day was spent binge-watching Revenge on Netflix and eating everything in sight. I’d say I have regrets about doing absolutely nothing on my only full day off, but I don’t! I also don’t regret the Reese’s PB eggs, eating more pizza, eating chips out of the bag and not working out once all weekend. It was a bit of a fail from a “healthy living” standpoint, but man it felt good to just veg and not give a crap.

Today, however, I need to get back on track! I have another 6 day work week (we’re starting #3 in a row), so I need to make sure I’m well-rested and eating healthy. I plan on being much more intentional about my meals and pushing it in the gym.

I gotta run for now, but hope you all had a great weekend!

How was your weekend?

How do you get back on track after a day of total indulgence? I don’t do much differently, except try to get back into a normal routine. Bring on the veggies!


15 thoughts on “Wine tasting, girls night, and relaxation- weekend recap

  1. When I overindulge in a weekend I just go back to my veggies, fruits, whole grains and workout routines. Is the best way, there is nothing else I can do with the food I ate, so why make myself miserable and regret it? At the time I ate it I was happy 😀

  2. I definitely have those weekends where I don’t end up taking any pictures — that’s how you know you’re doing a good job of living in the moment 😉 ANd Cards for Humanity… oh gosh. Last time I played it was on New Year’s Eve, and it was the perfect way to ring in the New Year. Tonnes of laughs.

  3. My weekend was so productive and relaxing for once! I also was binge watching a new show I found called The Millionaire Matchmaker, it is one of those ridiculous shows that you just can’t seem to walk away from! Have a great Monday 🙂

  4. Picture less weekends = some of the best. Cards against humanity- now that is something I keep reading about!

    So. Much. Cheese. So . Much. Awesome.

    To get back on track, I think my body naturally craves fresh things- and potatoes. Always potatoes.

  5. Yay I love that you had such a great weekend! That pizza looked and sounded amazing! Go Chef Riley as always 🙂

    That card game sounded like a lot of fun too. I want to try and do more games nights at home as I think it would be fun to have friends over.

    I need to get back into Revenge. I used to watch it religiously then got over it but must get back to it again 😉

    P.S. that cheese platter…I die

    • I do love having my own personal chef 😉 Of course, that means I become the personal maid and clean up behind him, but I’m ok with that if he keeps that pizza coming!

      You should definitely play cards against humanity, it’s so so so fun!

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