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WIAW- the good, the bad, and the ugly

Hey, you guys! So glad you loved reading about my fantasy Pinterest life yesterday. I should really combine wine and blogging more often!

Today I’m once again linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday to bring you the inside scoop into….well… what I ate.


Yesterday was a combination of things, really. Like most days, I started off great. Had my workout in, was feeling all healthy and ready to go. But, as you’ll soon see, things took a sinister turn as the day went on.


For breakfast I had an egg scramble with sweet and regular potatoes, kale, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and some cheese. Super healthy, right? Yay for me!


I packed my nice little lunch of turkey bolognese and made a little snack pack to go with it. In the snack box I put some veggie and flax tortilla chips, some Greek yogurt & kale dip, and a hard-boiled egg. Still doing great!


I got to work and made myself some coffee. This is where things start to get fuzzy. Cup #1:


Not pictured: cup #2. and #3.

My admin assistant brought me a muffin she’d made and wished me a great day. How sweet of her! I wasn’t hungry, but I ate it anyway.


Soon it was lunch time. Time to break out that turkey bolognese, right? Not right. I needed pizza, ASAP. I bought myself a slice of the “chicken caprese” pizza from the student union. It did have a tomato slice on there, at least.


Still, not the end of the world. Once I got home, I helped myself to some London broil that Riley had cooking in the slow cooker. It was ok, but not the best cut of meat so I didn’t eat very much of it.


You’ll notice there are no sides to my dinner. Since Riley was out with friends, he wasn’t there to cook them for me. At this point in the day, I’d become a total grump and decided to throw myself a pity party. You see, I had mentally added up how many hours I’ll have worked by the end of this week (almost 60….nearly 70 if you throw in my 45 minute commute each way).

Here’s where “the ugly” comes in….

Side dish number one:


Oh, you’re not surprised by that? Ok, neither am I. I was surprised by this, however.


And this. Not pictured- the third Reese’s egg that I ate and lost the wrapper. But there were 3, I promise you.


In case you’re wondering, I don’t eat Cheez Doodles. Just the fact that cheese is spelled wrong indicates there’s no real food in that food. I ate them last night, however. Two big, cheesey-fingered handfuls of ’em. And the candy made it even better.

No surprise that Cheez Doodles and Reese’s eggs do not make nutritious side dishes. As a result, I woke up starving in the middle of the night. Several times, in fact, before realizing I’d slept through my alarm and missed the gym. Ahhh, another day in paradise!

So there you have it. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve let it all hang out. Off to work for now, so have a great day!

What’s the best/worst thing you at yesterday?


27 thoughts on “WIAW- the good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. I’m pretty sure we all have these days — definitely nothing to beat yourself up over! The other day I ended up eating truffles for dinner, but hey… it happens. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture, and things always have a way of balancing out.

  2. I think I ate my weight in hummus yesterday? Healthy in small quantities? yes. Very large quantities? not so much.

  3. Oh, girl, I know I’ve been there!! A kindly fellow at work bought me one of those MEGA 1/2 lb packs of Reese’s peanut butter cups when I found out that my baby was a girl to celebrate annnnnnnnnd I proceed to eat the whole pack in like 3 nights. I wouldn’t stress too much about it. You still got some veggies on!

  4. Hey sometimes you need that indulging in some things you don’t even necessarily crave, it’s only one day and it won’t kill you! Just give ya a small stomachache haha 🙂

  5. I think that if there is a person that would tell me that he/she doesn’t have a day just like yours, either he/she is a robot or from another space! I’ve had so many days when I pack a healthy lunch, and end up eating pizza! Is just the way it is, right? That’s normal!

    • That’s so typical of me too! I pack leftovers that I’m already sick of and don’t even want them. It doesn’t help that there’s a pizza place right next to the restrooms in my building so I have to walk past it 8 times a day!

  6. Girl we’ve all been there! I decided to be festive and put out a bowl of valentine themed hershey’s kisses but neglected to account for the fact that I might eat all of them before C got home. I ate half…not the worst lol

    Blogging under the influence…the best.

  7. Lady you are human and all your ‘ugly’ stuff looks beautiful and delicious to me!

    I love your snack pack by the way. You have a really nice assistant by the sound of things too.

    I hope today was better / less stressful for you and Chef Riley is back in the kitchen 😉

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