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There’s so much room for activites

My gym is all better! I was so happy to walk in this morning and see everything back the way it should be. The area where the pipe burst has all been remodeled. My free area seemed ten times bigger than it used to and I couldn’t wait to use it.


I’ve been waiting for a chance to throw a Step Brothers picture up on the blog! Nailed it.

For my workout today I did 35 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer, then broke out the Nike Training Club app for a 15 minute ab workout. Completed in my beloved free area of course. I changed the modified side planks to normal ones, but kept to the rest of the routine.


I finished up my workout with some stretching. I spent a bit more time at the gym than I meant to this morning, but stretching at the end of a workout isn’t really optional for me. Maybe it’s the former ballerina in me, but I was conditioned to know that stretching is crucial. It also helps me calm down and get myself mentally ready to start the day.

If you have trouble making yourself stretch at the end of your workouts, I recommend finding a great 5-minute song that calms you and put it on. Tell yourself you just need to stretch for one song and then you’re done. Right now, I’m loving Patience Lies by Kalai. It’s such a soothing song!

For breakfast today, I made 2 eggs with spinach, mushrooms, and a smidge of mozzarella cheese with a slice of Ezekiel toast.


Since I’ve dilly-dallyed all morning I now have 30 minutes to shower and put together lunch and snacks for the day. I better run, so have a great day!

How long do you stretch at the end of a workout?

Any favorite routines from Nike Training Club? They added so many new ones I don’t know where to start!


19 thoughts on “There’s so much room for activites

  1. I have even lately and once at night and it’s making such a difference! And yes! I haven’t done one in awhile but I used to do that ab one all the time!

  2. What a great stretching tip- making yourself do it for a song! I don’t really stretch much now because of my knee and I feel like all of the stretches kind of involve that important body part… but I plan to get back into it this week. I used to never stretch at all, but this year started stretching about 10 min after each workout.

  3. OOO! So, I downloaded the Nike Training Club app but am so confused by it…do you just pick a workout to supplement your workout or is it like a warm up or something? Sorry, that sounds so stupid but I am stupid! 🙂

    I am also yet to watch step brothers. Told you- stupid.

    • It depends on the length of the workout. They have 15, 30, and 45 minute options. If I did a 45 minute one it’d probably be my whole workout, but the 15 minute ones are great to tack on with cardio or something.
      They also have some yoga ones I haven’t tried, but that would probably be a supplement for me too. So many options!!

      Watch Step Brothers. Now.

  4. I force myself to stretch after I run and what helped me to make me want to do it more was that I would count the number of minutes I stretched on my phone and write it down in my workout log so I felt it was part of the workout somehow. It must be an OCD thing but now I most often stretch about 12 – 15 minutes post run.

    Yay to your gym being back to good as new 😉

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