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For my valentine

To those who know me well, I’m not the most sentimental person in the world. I didn’t cry at the end of Titanic- I got mad that Rose didn’t share her obviously roomy slab of wood. My mother has been trying for years to make me take childhood keepsakes off her hands and move them to my house. I don’t have room, technically, but I also know that they’d just sit in a closet somewhere. Like I said, I’m just not that sentimental.

That said, there are couple things that get me every time. Things that make my heart swell with love and gratitude for everything that’s wonderful in my life. And this guy is one of them.

Riley Wedding

Riley and I met nearly 8 years ago when I started a summer job in college. He was my boss. Whoops. I didn’t know then that we would get married. Honestly, I didn’t even know if things would last.

Β Today, however, I can’t imagine my life without him. I’d probably live off PB&J sandwiches and box wine. There are a lot of things that would be different if we hadn’t ended up together and I have no regrets.


Riley does the smallest things to show me I’m loved, and I hope he knows they don’t go unnoticed. He gives me the last 3 french fries from his plate when we go out. He saves the last glass of “good” wine for me. He turns on Too Cute on Animal Planet just because it makes me happy. And let’s not even get into the pizza he makes me. He doesn’t even complain too much when I stick my ice cold feet on his legs to warm them up. No, these aren’t big, grand gestures, but if you know me then you know getting the last of the fries is a big deal.


So no, I’m not a very emotional person and you won’t catch me tearing up at those viral wedding videos online, or even the dog and soldier videos (though that’s a close one). When it comes to Riley, however, I’m a total sap. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love the pink stuff and the chocolate, and the heart shaped everything. But I also love that it gives me a chance to gush about Riley when I normally don’t. We’ve got a pretty great thing going on and he makes me happy every day. I think he knows it too πŸ™‚


So Happy Valentine’s Day! For me, this isn’t just a day for couples. It’s a day to hug your pets, your friends, your family, and just let those in your life know that you love them. And it’s also a really great excuse to eat some chocolate.

Today I’ll be spending nearly 13 hours at work for a scholarship event, so my Valentines will be my co-workers. Tomorrow, however, Riley and I have a dinner date planned and I can’t wait. I’ll see you all on Monday and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Who’s your Valentine this year?


21 thoughts on “For my valentine

  1. Aww this is such a beautiful post. Every time you mention something that Riley does in your posts for you he always sounds like such a great guy πŸ™‚

    I HATED titanic and am not usually sentimental at all either. But Nick makes me be a big sap, although he doesn’t like celebrating valentines day so we just do cards.

  2. I’m so sorry for responding so late to this!!!

    Couple of things.

    1) This was absolutely adorable and I know what you mean about things not making you sentimental, but when it comes to your man it’s a whole other ball game.
    2)I would marry any man who makes pizza like Riley
    3)I love that I have a fellow V-Day lover!
    4)You two make such a gorgeous couple.
    5)You married your boss…like a boss πŸ˜‰

    Hope you two had a great V-Day!!!

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