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Fabulous date night and turning 29

Good morning, friends! I hope you all had great weekends. I worked Saturday, but Riley took me on an awesome date later that night.

I’m a failure at taking selfies apparently, but I did snap a very fuzzy picture of my date-night outfit. I recently bought a cute navy dress from Charming Charlie that I couldn’t wait to wear.

Date night outfit

For dinner we went to a new restaurant in Williamsburg called Prime 46forty. It had a really cool vibe inside and made you forget that you were in Williamsburg. We started our dinner with a drink at the bar until our table was ready.

Prime 46 forty

Once seated, we ordered a bottle of red wine and two appetizers. We shared pan-seared fois gras with balsamic jam and a wild mushroom tart with goat cheese. The fois gras was definitely the star!

Prime 46forty collage

Dinner was also amazing. I ordered boar chops with a mushroom and herb risottoΒ  and green beans. Riley had crab cakes. Both were absolutely amazing! I was on cloud nine the entire dinner. We hadn’t been out to a nice dinner in a really long time and it was so great to enjoy the drinks and delicious food with Riley.

prime 46forty collage 2

After dinner, we went to a Japanese place by our house for some sake before heading home. It was a perfect night and we had an absolute blast.

Yesterday was basically spent recovering and getting ready for the week ahead. I did lots of grocery shopping and food prep. I NEVER do food prep, so this was basically a miraculous achievement for me. I roasted sweet potato, baked and shredded chicken breasts, and made some make-ahead breakfast sandwiches for the week.

Food prep collage

I wanted to make sure we were prepped for the week because it’ll be another long one and I didn’t want to end up stress-eating pizza at my desk every day (though that’ll probably happen at least once….).

Today’s an exciting day, however, for 2 big reasons. First, Riley starts a new job today!! I realized I haven’t said anything about it yet, but he took a new job with a different resort company so that he could be a sales manager again. While I’ll miss the Marriott discount, I’m so proud and happy for him and know that he’ll be an awesome manager (I mean, he was mine at one point…).

Today is also fun because it’s my 29th birthday! I can’t believe this starts the last year of my 20’s, but I have a feeling it’s going to be an incredible year. I don’t have any set plans for the day since I’m working, but Saturday night was celebration enough for me!

I’m off to work for the day, so I’ll catch you later, but hope you have a great day!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


32 thoughts on “Fabulous date night and turning 29

  1. Happy birthday lovely lady! I hope you had a very enjoyable celebration! Enjoy that last year in your 20’s! πŸ˜‰

    Congratulations to Riley on his new job, sounds like he is making the right move for him which is great.

    Loving your dinner outfit, even with the fuzzy picture and love all those dinner pics too.

    Well done on the food prep, I’m getting better and prepping full dinners for the lunch ahead.

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