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Disrupting the routine = selfies with the cat

Good morning, friends! I’m starting my day off nice and leisurely thanks to a 12:00 opening time at work. We got quite a bit of ice mixed in with the snow yesterday so the roads are like an ice rink right now. Since I’ve got time to lounge around, I’m enjoying a cup of cappuccino by the fire to kick off the morning.


The snow has put quite a kink in the busy week I had ahead of me, which just means it’s likely to get worse later on. In the meantime, though, I’m thinking the extra day and a half off was probably a little gift from the universe to give me some more much-needed sleep.

Gotta love Virginia- two days ago I was sunning myself in that deck chair and now it’s covered in snow.

Snowy deck

While I’ve appreciated the extra time off, it’s harder to enjoy when you can’t plan for it. It disrupts my routine, and I’m a very routine-oriented person. If I haven’t planned it ahead of time, I don’t really know what to do with myself.

Take yesterday, for example. I worked from home for a few hours, then looked around and realized I’d crammed all my weekend things into…well, the weekend. There was nothing left I needed to do and I couldn’t really leave the house. This resulted in laying on the floor attempting to take selfies with the cat.

selfies with Coco

Smile, Coco! Coco, look at the camera! Fail. She wasn’t interested or amused that I disrupted her fireplace-sitting routine. Looks like we’re both creatures of habit.

Coco by fire

After a few hours of picking at random projects, trying the selife thing with the dog, eating junk food from the pantry, and basically feeling useless, I finally embraced the beauty of the snow day by binge-watching some episodes of Revenge. Although it disrupted my plans, the snow forced me to relax some more and just veg out.

Today I’m planning on grabbing some breakfast then either digging out my car to hit the gym or doing an at-home workout in my living room before heading into the office a little later. Or maybe I’ll just count digging out my car as a workout. Who knows?

Are you a routine-oriented person? What do you do when the routine gets thrown off?

Did you get snow yesterday?

20 thoughts on “Disrupting the routine = selfies with the cat

  1. I am without a doubt routine oriented! I hate it when things get thrown off it leaves me feeling like I’m in a big rush!

  2. I liiiiive for routine! I do the exact same thing everyday and even try to keep it the same on the weekends too! If my routine is off, I either sleep too much or not enough, and sometimes have weird eating patterns too haha!

    We got another 2 inches of snow yesterday here in Wisconsin :\ And are expecting 1-3 more inches tonight. Grrr!

  3. Well I have mixed feelings for routines! Some days I love them, other days I want to kill them. It’s pretty safe to say that I hate them more than I love them, because I get easily bored. However, when I’m in a routine and I got off trail, oh man I get lost!

  4. what a crazy swing in weather!! And I agree – it is super hard to disrupt routine. . . and I hate when I have to put things off and know that I will just have to make up that time later – super frustrating. BUT enjoy that cappucino and relaxing morning for me!!

  5. Shoveling and digging out your car is definitely a workout in my book! I am all about routineโ€ฆI try not to freak out too much if it gets off track, but deep down inside it drives me nuts! I am working on it though, ha.

  6. I’m pretty routine-oriented as well. I like having all my work planned out in front of me and it stresses me out when something gets in the way of me accomplishing them! That’s something I’m trying to change, though. Can’t push myself too hard or I’ll crack ;). Hope you enjoyed your coffee and kitty!

  7. I used to be very routine-oriented but I’ve made an effort to be much less so mostly because I’d go crazy if the routine went off course. It was hard at first but so long as I have my hour long morning routine I seem to be able to handle the rest of the day being more relaxed ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’ve always been a very routine-oriented person, but I actually decided to dedicate this year to being the complete opposite. Has it been hard? Oh my word, yes but I do believe I’ve gotten better overtime…slowly

  9. Lol you know I love your selfies with Coco ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am definitely a routine person during the week at work but on weekends I do like to mix things up and do some more spontaneous things so I don’t get bored.

    By the way I’m catching up now on Scandal – thanks to lots of time at home. I am now up to season 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • If only Coco loved the selfies that much! I’m exactly the same way- weekends are total relaxation and go with the flow, but my work days I expect routine!

      Yesss to Scandal!! It sucks you in so bad!

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