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Food and Fitness Lately

I’m so glad it’s Friday! I had the first day of the week off because of the snow, but I’ve more than made up for it at work! Since another work week is coming to a close, let’s catch up on what’s going on my health and fitness these days.

Food Lately

This week is committee week, which means we’re all trapped in a room together trying to make the final admission decisions. My diet and fitness tend to suffer during committee and many of my “meals” have looked like this:


Try not to judge me, but if you do I’ll understand.

When I’m eating actual meals, it seems they’re all in Mexican form. I had Moe’s for lunch today and I’ve eaten burritos and quesadillas on multiple occasions. Salsa and avocado for the win!



Tonight is pizza night and we’re grilling out tomorrow, so I guess I really need to locate some vegetables somewhere….

Fitness Lately

It’s been a slow week in that area, too. With the cold weather and all the wind, finding motivation at 4:30 AM has been a challenge. I did manage to fit in a session at the gym at work on Wednesday. I got in a run and abs workout that felt great. It’s nice to have a back-up gym right by the office!

This morning I actually made it to my gym. I did 30 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer, followed by my Quick-fire abs workout.

Quick-fire abs workout

It was abs day a the gym today. Every single person working in the free area was doing an abs workout! I think because it’s Friday we only had the energy to do exercises where we could lay down.

I’m excited that this weekend is supposed to be nice outside, so I’m planning on running outside at least once.

I have another low-key weekend ahead. I’ll be checking out the Williamsburg farmer’s market tomorrow, working out, possibly going to hot yoga, grilling with Riley (and by that I mean he’ll be grilling and I’ll be drinking wine on my deck), and relaxing. I can’t wait to enjoy some actual sunshine after a gloomy week.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

What do you have planned for the weekend?


13 thoughts on “Food and Fitness Lately

  1. I am drooling at all the Mexican food you have been eating. No judgement here just pure jealousy all the way 😉

    You did well to get your gym workouts in being so busy! Looked like a great abs workout.

    Enjoy your much deserved weekend! Nick and I have got date night at a Tapas place tomorrow night so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve also got brunch with my bestie 🙂

  2. No judging on foods, hey it happens 😉 Mexican food is soooo sooo good! Enjoy yur weekend!!!
    I’m looking forward to a Sunday adventure, let’s see if Jou and I can make it!!

  3. SO EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND! Probably will end up spending more money than I would hope for since I’ll be eating out a lot but it’s so nice to be able to explore our new neighborhood…through food 😉

    Jealous of your farmer’s market excursions! Ours wont open for another couple of months 😦

  4. This is so random but I find your job amazing- especially when you mentioned previously the travels it entailed. Sorry, end rant.

    That Mexican looks amazing but where is the sour cream? That is like a party in the mouth!

    This weekend I reaaaaally want to relax and I can see a hot date with my kindle at some point 😉

    • I definitely love my job! I’m just grateful there are no hidden cameras to capture what actually gets said during those kinds of meetings haha.

      I wanted sour cream, but we were out of it! Definitely would’ve been better with it, though.

      I’ll have a hot date this weekend with my DVR aaaand…let’s not lie, my giant box of wine 😉

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