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International Women’s Day

Good morning and happy Saturday! I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful weekend. I’m off to the farmer’s market in a little bit, but I wanted to pop in today in honor of International Women’s Day. I don’t normally post on the weekends, but when Jan reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in linking up with her, I just couldn’t say no!


This year’s IWD theme is Inspiring Change, which I think is fabulous, despite making it really hard to hone in on a more specific topic to write about! Luckily, Jan gave us some talking points to explore the theme of inspiring change and to celebrate the day.

How I’ve Inspired Change

I’d like to think I have inspired some change in others, but I’m honestly not sure! I’m definitely a fitness pusher and am the first person to be a cheerleader when a friend says they want to start running/go to the gym/take up yoga/etc. If someone close to me expresses an interest in living a healthier lifestyle, I’m in full support! I’ll always be there to encourage and motivate my friends in their efforts.


I also hope that through my blog I can inspire and motivate people. My ultimate goal is to help people realize that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t take away from what you want, but adds to it. Healthy does not always equal sacrifice!

What/Who Inspires Change In Me

Fellow bloggers definitely inspire me. I’m constantly motivated by the efforts of peers and reading about their successes makes me want to work even harder. Any time I feel less than motivated, I see the workouts and runs by the bloggers I read and it makes me wanna get off the couch!

I’m also inspired by family members. My grandfather prioritized health up until the day he passed away. Even when he was approaching 90 years old, he would walk back and forth on the driveway just to get in daily physical activity. My grandmother also continues to do this and just having them as role models makes me realize that health and fitness isn’t just about how I’ll look in my bikini this summer. It’s about staying strong, mentally and physically.

grandma and granddad

I firmly believe that the money I spend on the gym and yoga is money well spent. When it comes to my health, I know I can pay for it now, or I’ll definitely pay for it later!

I also have to give a shout-out to my aunt Nancy, who just recently started her blog on what it’s like to do CrossFit at age 60. Check her out at CrossFit Nana- Age is just a number!

Best Piece Of Fitness Advice I’ve Received

I have to credit Nike for this one: Just Do It. It’s not rocket science; it’s just exercise. No one’s measuring how much you do and it’s not a contest that needs to be won. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re making the effort to move your body and improve your life. As I said, my grandfather walked around the driveway daily. And you know what? It’s probably what helped him live as long as he did. It doesn’t take hours every day and it doesn’t cost anything. All it takes is the drive to want to live the best life you can and to just do it.

If someone was to make one small positive change to start improving their health and fitness, what would you suggest?

I would suggest just focusing on yourself while you get started. It’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing and wonder why you can’t run as fast/lift as much/jump as high, but at the end of the day you need to work out for you, and only you.

I would also suggest educating yourself! The biggest mistakes I see people make aren’t because they don’t care; it’s because they just don’t know any better. While I don’t recommend calorie counting for everyone, for people that are just starting out it can be incredibly helpful to learn what’s actually in a slice of pizza, a chicken Caesar salad, or a veggie panini. Knowledge is power!

Happy International Women’s Day!!

Who inspires you to be healthy?

What’s your best health/fitness advice to those starting out?

8 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. I totally agree all the bloggers inspire me! Because they aren’t perfect and they aren’t afraid to say hey I had French fries everyday this week or I didn’t get to the gym at all! And that includes you to inspiring me with your crazy work schedule but still making time for health and fitness 😊

  2. Love this lady! Your grandfather sounded like a very inspiring man indeed 🙂

    I love that you say you are a fitness pusher too! I definitely think you are a great cheerleader to others both from your blog and in the real world.

    I also agree on your tip about knowledge. Knowledge is power and some ppl can think they are being healthy when they really aren’t.

    Thanks so much for joining in and for being such a great friend 😀

    • Thanks for hosting such a fun topic! My grandfather was absolutely amazing (he designed space shuttles for NASA), so I have some great role models.

      Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I totally wish we lived in the same town. We’d be such great brunch/wine/cat lover/nautical-wearing buddies!

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