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Farmer’s market and a goat named Luke

Ahhh, what a great weekend! Don’t you just love those weekends where you feel refreshed Sunday night instead of worn out? The weather in Williamsburg has been gorgeous- 60 degrees and sunny. I took full advantage of the sunshine and spent as much time outside as I possible could.

Friday night kicked off with the usual Hazelwood/Scallion household tradition- pizza night! Riley made a pizza with turkey sausage, veggies and pepperoni. It was a little more meaty than I’m used to, but he used lean turkey sauasage so it didn’t taste too heavy.

Turkey sausage pizza

He’s toying with the idea of doing a deep-dish pizza, but I don’t think we have the right pan for it. Since I filled him in on how much you all drool over his pizzas, he now feels that he needs to come up with something completely new and unique every week. The pressure’s getting to him!!


Saturday morning started out with a trip to the Williamsburg farmer’s market. While there are usually a few around here, the best one in town is done right in the heart of colonial Williamsburg. Most people bring their dogs, there’s often a band, and local restaurants get showcased by cooking food to sample right there.

Wmbg farmers market

I met my friend Kate there and we walked around to check everything out. I learned the downside to farmer’s markets: they’re expensive! I spent $30 and got a whopping four items:

Farmer's market finds

I bought 2 pounds of ground beef from a local farm, fresh eggs, a loaf of cheese bread, and some mocha biscotti. All the items have been well worth it so far, but it was still pretty pricey for me.

After my purchases, my friend and I walked up and down the historic Duke of Gloucester street and back. Round trip it’s about a mile and a half, which was a great way to start the Saturday. While we were walking, we ran into one of the local goats!! You read that right. There’s a man in Williamsburg who owns four goats and he walks them through town on a leash. I’ve seen them before while running, but never stopped to chat. We got to meet Luke, who was super calm and let me pet his head.

Wmbg goat Luke

It’s official. I want a pet goat. Every time I see goats, it makes me think of this video that has be cracking up no matter how many times I’ve seen it: Goats yelling like humans. Hahaha I can’t even handle that video!

The rest of Saturday was spent walking Bella and grilling out some fresh burgers with Riley.

Bella walking


The highlight of my Sunday was seeing my good friend and roommate from college, Joanna. Joanna’s a rock star. She’s a nurse practitioner who works full time and manages to be an amazing mom to the CUTEST baby ever at the same time. I got to meet little baby Ella for the first time yesterday and it made my day.

Baby Ella

I won’t lie- I’m not what you would call a “baby person.” Most of the time, babies look exactly the same to me. I usually can’t even tell if the baby looks like the mom or dad, so PLEASE don’t ask me who I think they look most like!

That said, for family and people that I consider to be family (like Joanna), it’s a totally different story and I love seeing their babies. Ella was, hands-down, the happiest baby I’ve ever seen and so so so cute!

The rest of the day was spent chopping, prepping, and cooking some food for the week. I also almost burned the house down trying to make this delicious baked penne pasta with meat sauce:

Baked penne

Don’t worry, my house is still standing, but it was a scary moment seeing flames come out from my stove.

Workout & Breakfast

I’m starting another 6-day work week, so I kicked it off right with a great workout. I got in a 30 minute run on the treadmill, followed by some leg work- squats, lunges, donkey kicks, calf raises, and some other stuff. I didn’t really plan it out and just made it up as I went, but it was a good one!

Breakfast is kind of a savory hash today- eggs, potatoes, and veggies topped with sriracha. I pre-roasted the potatoes and chopped the veggies yesterday, so breakfast came together in about 7 minutes. So good!


Now I’m off to shower and get ready for work, so I hope you all have a good one!

What’s the best thing you did this weekend?

Are you good at recognizing parent’s features in babies? Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t tell at all!

Do you have farmer’s markets where you live?


25 thoughts on “Farmer’s market and a goat named Luke

  1. I wouldn’t mind a goat…first to make them make me cheese then..well..eat them?

    So..cheese for dinner, cheese BREAD and cheese again for dinner? I had respect for you before but now…

    Best thing I did this weekend was catch up with some mates at the pub for lunch! It was sunny and the food was amazing!

    • No, you don’t eat the goats! They walk on leashes, so that makes them pets, silly. And I want one.

      I definitely didn’t even notice I’d had that much cheese until you pointed it out, haha. Whoops!

      Lunch at a pub sounds like a pretty great way to hang out on the weekend!

  2. Joshua and I will be spending a day in Williamsburg in September (on a Friday) – I wonder if the mkt. will still be going on then. Do you know? I had to laugh @ the $30.00 for four items, because thats a small fraction of how much we spend here in Kuwait. If you hate spending money.. his is not a place for you when it comes to shopping. Its expensive & sucks! LOL

  3. I got to meet up with my two best girl friends this weekend and it was such a great time, till the rain came !
    We have a couple great farmer’s markets where I live, during the summer I used to go every weekend but with winter and lack of produce I’m waiting it out till spring officially comes! But boy do I miss it!

  4. $30 on 4 items, I can tell the feeling! Whenever I went to a health store to buy more “healthy food” I usually leave bankrupt!! Though I complain I know I’m buying organic options, so a little later I’m happy.

    We don’t call them fresh markets, but we do have a couple of them and I love to pay them a visit! They aren’t expensive at all, in fact they are cheaper that grocery stores!

    I went to a forest, not the greatest one, but it was a beautiful day!

    • So true, you definitely have to pay for the good stuff!

      We have a few much cheaper markets around in the summer, but the one I went to is right in the heart of touristy stuff, so the price are higher.

  5. Yes yes, the Madison farmer’s market in Wisconsin is HUGE and has so many amazing kinds of produce, breads, cheeses, crafts, etc! It’s definitely a favorite destination for me in the spring/summer 🙂

    Best thing I did this weekend was have an actual rest day on Sunday! It was soooo great to just CHILL 🙂

  6. Just found your blog. My husband and I lived in Williamsburg for two years. We adore that market and would walk there with our dog, Annie, just about every Saturday. I even blogged about it once: http://orphanannie-mary.blogspot.com/2012/02/weekend-activities.html. Where we live now has a great farmer’s market but it’s just not as charming as the Williamsburg Farmer’s market and we can’t walk there either which is a bummer.

    PS: Are there any new lambs in CW yet? We always loved seeing the newest farm animals this time of year: http://orphanannie-mary.blogspot.com/2012/03/lambs.html

    • That’s so awesome you used to live here! That market really is the best, even if you just walk around with a cup of coffee.

      I didn’t see any of the lambs yet, but they move them around sometimes, so maybe I just couldn’t see them from DOG street.

  7. Mhmm that pizza looks delicious! Keep up the good work, Riley!

    And I think it’s hilarious that they put the goats on leashes haha! Just taking a casual stroll out with my… goats ;). Also, weird that your Farmer’s Market is expensive! The one in my hometown is super cheap

  8. It looks like such a great weekend! I love the farmer’s market,but they are expensive. We have a local grocery store that is basically a Farmer’s Market- fresh produce every week, and every health- food you could think of- best part, way cheaper!

    • I think some farmer’s markets are definitely more expensive depending on how ‘touristy’ they are. I have the best luck heading to the outskirts of town and stopping by some random farmer’s truck when they’re selling veggies!

  9. I love goats! They’re adorable 🙂

    My weekend was great…went hiking with my sister on Saturday, ate some delicious food, then Sunday I enjoyed the time change and spent the afternoon at the barn with my horse, then went on an awesome 8 mile run, then ate pizza 🙂

    Also, I’m not a baby person either…at all. They all look the same to me and kind of all look like aliens. I’m much more into animals…they’re cuter 🙂

    • Your weekend sounds awesome! And you totally deserve all the pizza after an 8 mile run. My legs haven’t seen 8 miles in months!

      Babies totally look like aliens! My fur babies are more than enough to keep me happy 🙂

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