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Target fails us again…and other stuff

Good morning! I’m writing to you from my hotel room. About to hit the road soon so I can rush back to the office and catch up on the work that’s somehow piled up in the last 24 hours.

Today’s post is a bit of a hodge-podge, so I’m linking up with Amanda to embrace the randomness.


1) First of all….what the hell is the deal with the thigh gap? And why is Target willing to digitally mutilate teenage girls’ bodies to make the gap look bigger? In case you’re just now hearing about this, Target apparently photoshopped some of their junior swimsuit ads and took it a tad too far….


Yeah….Oh hey, Target, she’s missing half her crotch. Thought you oughta know. You can see the rest of the pics and read the story here: Target Apologizes for “Thigh Gap” Photoshop Fail. First the credit card thing, now this. You fail, Target.

This story pisses me off on multiple levels. The first reason being that Target photoshopped the thighs of models at all, but even worse the ones that are marketing to teenage girls.

The second reason is the whole idea of the “thigh gap” in the first place. When did we get it in our heads that our thighs shouldn’t touch? I could write a whole post on this, but I’m not going to because it would be one giant, snarky rant.

2) I apparently drink tea when I’m at hotels. I almost never drink tea, but when I checked into my room last night a hot cup of tea just sounded so great. I enjoyed 2 cups while lounging and watching TV. After a 3 hour drive and the college panel it was a great way to unwind.


3) Maybe I was craving tea because this weather is ridiculous. I left my house yesterday and it was 70 degrees. When I checked into my hotel last night it was in the 40s. The wind was howling like crazy for half the night and we’d had some huge rain storms blow through. Thank goodness I packed a jacket so I wouldn’t freeze leaving the building today!

4) I wish I had some great workout recap to offer you this morning, but I’m skipping that part. I packed some gym clothes and had every intention of catching a workout in my hotel gym, but after tossing and turning all night I slept through my 6AM alarm. Instead, as soon as I hit publish on this post I’m grabbing some breakfast from downstairs and getting on the road. I’d much rather have an hour or two at home to shower and get ready for work than do all that in a hotel room if I have the choice.

On that note, I’ve gotta wrap up this post so I can grab some food and coffee, then off I go!

Coffee or tea?

Thigh gap- what’s the deal?

Do you do things when you’re at hotels that you don’t do at home? I apparently drink tea. I also do different workouts at the hotel gyms that I normally don’t do at my own gym. Not exactly sure why, but the novelty of venturing outside the norm makes me switch it up.


12 thoughts on “Target fails us again…and other stuff

  1. Target sucks. They were huge jerks this past Christmas when I was buying Joseph a wagon (they put a lower price on it than it really was and made me pay the full price anyways) and then when we opened it up on Christmas eve to put it together, it was dented! I was so pissed! I love Pinterest, but I partially blame it for the thigh gap craze… the models are tiny!

  2. Target totally screwed over a friend of mine who bought another friend a stroller from their baby registry. I find it hard to believe I’ll NEVER shop at Target again, that’s where I get most of our groceries, but I’m starting to seriously consider other options.

  3. When I am at a hotel I feel super fancy and grown up. I don’t know why. I’m 31, I’ve been staying in hotels as and adult for at least 10 years now. It still makes me feel special. 🙂

  4. Now that’s definitely bad photoshopping if I’ve ever seen it. And I seriously have no idea what’s with the thigh gap thing either… just another marketing ploy to make women feel horrible about themselves so they throw more money at the booming diet industry.

    And please don’t ever make me choose between tea and coffee — I drink both on a daily basis and wouldn’t want to imagine life without either 😛

  5. That thigh gap thing is so awful. It’s just another unhealthy standard young girls will feel they have to follow. Shame on Target. Oh, and coffee by day, tea at night.

  6. Oh man! I love Target but don’t understand why they would need to chop off so much of that model’s body! Also, who approved those pictures for the website? Major fail, that girl is missing like half of her vajayjay!

  7. This whole thigh gap thing seemed to come out of no where (@ least to me) and I have no idea why women are fussing & getting so paranoid about it. I was just telling another blogger the other day that its really such a shame. I mean do smaller women w/ close hips not realize that if they indeed do put on MUSCLE their thighs are about 100% going to touch. It’s just how our bodies work. It’s really so sad that us women are continuing to judge ourselves… & how much of an impact the world (talking to you Target) makes.

  8. Ha! OMG what a fail – that designer needs sacking. May be they did it on purpose to show Target up… Crazy!

    Anyway – that’s funny about the tea in hotel rooms – I do the same and I think it’s because it’s a novelty? Like, ooh free tea!? Why not! The coffee sachets are usually terrible though, boo!

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