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WIAW- And yes, there’s wine

There are a few great things going on this morning:

1) It’s halfway through the week, and I have a full TWO days off this weekend to look forward to.

2) My cold is almost completely gone, so I seized the chance to get up at 4:30 and hit the gym for a much-needed workout. I did some cardio and abs. Nothing fancy, but at least I made it there!

3) I’m heading out of town again today and will be spending the next two nights in a pretty snazzy hotel for work. My office phone hasn’t stopped ringing this week since decision letters got mailed, so I’m happy to escape the angry mobs of parents for a couple days.

For What I Ate Wednesday, I documented yesterdays eats. Thanks, Jenn, for hosting the weekly party!



I totally forgot what day it was and scarfed down some food before heading out to work and didn’t take a picture. My egg scrambles have totally fallen by the wayside lately, so breakfast was a banana with some peanut butter smeared all over it. I also had a glass of vanilla almond milk.

As soon as I got to work, I went and bought myself a big cup of hazelnut coffee. The picture I took mysteriously disappeared from my iPhone. So far, this day of documenting was not going so well….


No real snacks yesterday. I had a bunch of meetings, which ended with break-off meetings to talk about how the meetings went. Anyway, half-way through one of these meetings my stomach started growling so hard and my co-worker asked, “umm, is that your stomach?” After realizing that my whole morning had disappeared and it was already 11:45, I grabbed some sushi from a campus dining area and ate at my desk. It was some kind of spicy crab deal with sauce on top. It was pretty good and kept me going for the afternoon.

DSU Sushi

After lunch, I needed some sweetness so I grabbed two Girl Scouts thin mint cookies from my secret snack stash.

Thin mints

In between afternoon meetings I chugged water. Since getting sick I’ve been crazy dehydrated, so my water bottle has been going everywhere with me!

Water bottle

Once I got home, Riley had some lasagna from Trader Joe’s in the oven, which was super tasty. And yes, once again I put cheese on top of my cheese.

TJ lasagna

Are you one of those people who sneaks little bites of cheese while waiting for food to cook, or while you’re putting leftovers away? Cause I am. TJ’s sells this awesome asiago and parmesan blend that’s a lot of fun to eat right out of the container.

Eating cheese from the container

And finally, because it’s Wednesday, here’s the required wine picture:

Wine #424845

I’m not telling you how many glasses I had. And please don’t guess, because you might embarrass me.

I love writing What I Ate Wednesday posts because I feel like I’m all over the place, which I suspect is how a lot of you are. Some days it’s like everything falls into place and you’ve got veggies and whole foods at every meal. Other days it’s just a struggle to carve out meal time!

Now I’m off to the office for half the day, then hitting the road for my college panel tonight. I’m pumped for this one because the school is ordering all the panelists dinner. I’ll catch you guys tomorrow!

Do you keep a regular snack stash in your desk for emergencies?  My co-worker next-door has a stash in his desk, too, that I often mooch off of. He has to give me his snacks because I’m his supervisor, but I’ll throw in some replenishment snacks on occasion to pay him back. We joke that at any minute of the day, one of us is usually eating.


30 thoughts on “WIAW- And yes, there’s wine

  1. I try to have some almonds at work or yoghurt but when I travel for work it is not always possible.

    Seriously drooling at the sushi and the red wine right now. Probably more so because it is a fast day for me but even so…yum!!

    I hope you feel 100% better in time for your well deserved weekend break.

    P.s. not sorry I may have got you addicted to the following. I just finished season 1 and it is so worth it 😉

    • Traveling for work definitely makes it harder. I try to grab stuff from hotel lobbies or free breakfast buffets to throw in my bag for those times when I get hungry. Any time I see free food on the road I go straight for it!

      I know how I’m spending my afternoon in the hotel today- Netflix!! 🙂

  2. Bravo Kelly- this is reality. Some days we have it planned, others we go with the flow. Hazelnut coffee sounds amazing. Damn Australia and your lack of creativity.

    I definitely have a snack drawer…which has been refilled even more often lately!

  3. So true that some days are like foodie-military-operations and others are a shambles! Can totally relate. That sushi looks incredible btw!

  4. I know the exact TJ cheese you’re talking about-and it’s fantastic! My snack drawer at work is kind of legend in these parts. If some disaster ever hits, I’m not going hungry-and nobody in my immediate vicinity is either.

  5. Oh my goodness – I can’t even imagine some of the phone calls you must get from parents – you poor thing! I totally have a huge stash of food in my desk – some days it is better than others. 😉 And I totally put cheese on top of my cheese and eat cheese out of the container while I am waiting for dinner to cook. Love parmesan shavings the best!

    • Parents are mean to me, but I’ve gotten used to it haha.
      Riley gives me such a hard time when he’s cooking cause I just run around him eating bites of stuff that he’s planning to use, especially the cheese!

  6. My coworkers (when I still had them!) used to make fun of me because I was always eating! Actually I shared an office with my friend who was vegan and we loooooved talking about food. Everyone used to comment on how they paired the foodies together!

  7. Too funny- I just bought that TJs cheese blend and have been eating it like crazy! Oh, and my snack stash is looking pretty pathetic right now… I just opened it and all I have is a jar of almond butter, a Ghirdadelli dark chocolate bar and some peanut M&Ms!

  8. Man, I need thin mints in my snack stash! I definitely keep a nice stash, just refilled it this morning. Larabars, pistaschios, apple chips, and chocolate! Seems like most of my coworkers have stashes too, and we let each other raid them when necessary 🙂 Good luck with your angry phonecalls….

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