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Weekend highlights- the most productive day ever

Good morning, everyone! Hope you all had fabulous weekends. I spent mine being crazy productive one day, then doing nothing the next. Here are the highlights:


Saturday was the most productive day ever and it started in Colonial Williamsburg. I went for a 30 minute run, then bought some beef, eggs, and rock fish at the farmer’s market. It seemed like everyone in town was enjoying the morning there and I just took my time walking around and checking it all out. Even theย  baby sheep were out to see everyone!

CW sheep

CW palace

CW farmer's market

I got in a bit of a chores frenzy after that and spent the rest of Saturday doing every single chore I could think of, including full house cleaning, laundry, pulling weeds from the flower beds and sawing down limbs from an overgrown tree out back and dragging them into the woods. By hand. Yes, I was sore yesterday.

We have daffodils blooming in front of the house and I had to put some on display on the kitchen table to celebrate the start of spring. It was great to spend the day outside in the sunshine and to get some stuff done!

Flowers in dining room

When Riley got home later I made a big salad and we cooked up the rockfish I’d bought. Riley made the fish with a crab meat and old bay sauce. It doesn’t look that pretty, but it was amazing!

Rockfish and salad


Well, there’s not really anything to discuss from Sunday. I was sore from all my manual labor the day before and I’d even worn the pets out. Instead of doing more stuff, I slept in and vegged out on the couch all day. It was perfect!

This morning, I got up early to hit the gym and had a great run on the treadmill followed by a legs workout that I’ll share with you all later.ย  After my workout, I came home and whipped up a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, and feta cheese.

scrambled eggs with spinach

I think that about brings us up to speed, so I’m off to get ready for work. Have a great Monday!

How was your weekend? Highlights?


27 thoughts on “Weekend highlights- the most productive day ever

    • We don’t eat the baby sheep in Williamsburg, sorry to disappoint. I don’t normally do that much housework, but I got on a roll and then my type-A-ness kicked in and I couldn’t stop finding stuff that needed fixing haha.

  1. Housework was my Saturday too… and it actually spoiled my study Sunday… truth is I was soooo tired. Now I have a lot of work to do! Let’s see how that one goes!

  2. whoa – I am super impressed. Luke and I spent the weekend going to every home improvement store to find/look for stuff for the new house – our biggest decision – new cabinet hardware. And Luke loved riding on all the tractors. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Pretty flowers can always make you smile! So nice to have them in the house!

    I think I now have to add Williamsburg to my list of places to visit when I go to America – your blog has me desperate to visit!

  4. I -adore- those super productive days. I get in those zones sometimes too where I just want to clean ALL the things, and I end up deep cleaning my whole condo. I end up exhausted by the end of it, but it feels so good to have it done. Until 1.5 days later when the place is a mess again ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. It sounds like you got your spring cleaning done ๐Ÿ™‚ I did something similar and finally cleaned my dorm room and did some rearranging that I am loving ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Beautiful daffodils and love those baby lambs! Your gardening has inspired me – I am going to prune my rose bushes this weekend and weed the flower beds.

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