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Leg Day and Mini Macaroons

Since we last talked, I’ve discovered something amazing. I’ve discovered the greatest new find at Trader Joe’s since dark chocolate & sea salt-covered almonds and I couldn’t start today’s post without sharing. Ready?

Mini Macaroons.

Trader Joe's mini macaroons

So cute, right? They come in chocolate and vanilla and they’re glorious little gems. I would eat the entire box except that you have to allow 30 minutes for them to defrost from their frozen state. That’s the only thing saving me!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s a little leg workout I did yesterday that I thought you all might enjoy.

I do a lot of ab work at the gym (2-4 times a week), but I really love working my legs. I love this workout because you go through each round without stopping, which keeps me sweating the whole time. I love a strength workout that keeps my heart pumping too!

rock-hard legs and butt circuit

Here are links to some of the moves:

Nothing like the good burn after leg day at the gym! I like workouts like these because they’re simple, but effective. I’m not a huge fan of crazy, 6-part exercises that use 3 pieces of equipment to do. I have a hard time remembering them and when it comes to making up my own workouts, I’m just not that creative. If squats and lunges get the job done, then that’s what I’ll do!

I’m keeping this post short and sweet today since I’ve got a ton to do, but I’ll catch up with you later!

How creative are you at the gym?

Leg day: friend or enemy?


19 thoughts on “Leg Day and Mini Macaroons

  1. Oh gosh I am not creative at all, I pretty much do the same workouts every week haha. I split my leg days into two days and I love quad day but hamstring day not so much haha (and what do you know it is hamstring day, ughhh)

  2. I have to be creative or I’ll get bored!!! Legs: They’ve quickly become my favorite part to exercise! I was an abs girl, now I’m a legs girl, even when I’m cursing while I’m doing lunges 😉

  3. I’m allllllllll about leg day. The best feeling ever is when you can’t go up and down stairs comfortably because you’re so sore (is that weird for me to think?!)

    I typically do the same things at the gym, just in different patterns and orders. And always trying to keep myself alert and interested haha!

  4. Mini food makes me happy. Doesn’t matter that I probably eat 4 times as much of it but I still just enjoy it 😉

    Your workout looked killer but a good one nonetheless. Mainly all I can do right now is leg workouts. I love them some days but usually the day after I’ve done it when it hurts to sit down I hate them.

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