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Games, girls night, and a break from routine

I had a really fun evening last night and took a night off from my usual routine (which is usually- eat dinner, watch Modern Family, read, go to bed by 9:30…lame). My friend Danielle came over to catch up and spend the night. We are both super busy and both travel for work, so it had been way too long since we saw each other. It was also Riley’s “Friday” since he has the next two days off, so he hung out with us too.

Instead of having a full meal for dinner, we had a nice little assortment of meats, cheese, bread, and other stuff to go with our wine. Way too much food for three people, but I can’t wait to make some yummy stuff with all the leftovers.

charcuterie spread

Coco tried to get in on the photo session….I had to delete about 10 pictures that she’d photo-bombed, that little rascal.

Coco photobomb

After completely stuffing our faces we relaxed, caught up, drank some wine, and introduced Danielle to Cards Against Humanity, which she quickly started loving. If you haven’t played it, it’s the funniest game ever. We even figured out a way to play it with three people so we wouldn’t have to wait for a big group.


It was nice to have a break from the normal weekday routine and have some fun catching up with a friend. No, I didn’t wake up at 4:30 this morning to work out, but I know I’ll get it in at some point. Maybe over lunch, maybe not until tomorrow. Working out is great for your sanity, but sometimes spending a whole evening laughing your butt off with a friend is even better.

I stayed up past my bedtime, so no time to cook breakfast this morning. This is a perfect excuse for me to make a stop at Starbucks for a latte and a breakfast sandwich! Today starts my last trip of spring travel for work. I’m heading up to northern VA for a college fair tonight, then coming back tomorrow, so it’ll be a quick one. Guess that means I’d better get going!

What’s your normal weekday evening routine? Tell me I’m not alone in being totally lame most nights!

15 thoughts on “Games, girls night, and a break from routine

  1. Isn’t it fun to go be spontaneous from time to time? I don’t think your 9:30 bedtime is early or lame whatsoever.. seeing how mines around 845-9 HA HA! Safe travels to Northern VA girl & enjoy your Starbucks 🙂

  2. Awesome platter! Yum yum! And I LOVE that game, I definitely have to find it somewhere. U should definitely have more girls night, they’re always well over due, take a break and mix it up! 😉

  3. Oh not at all I usually come home read some blogs, eat some dinner, occasional homework, some tv and in bed by 9:30 too! haha

  4. I’m often referred to as “grandma” because my nights consist of coming home, cooking, unwinding and laying in bed reading until about 9:00 PM when I can’t hold my eyes open any longer! I hope we aren’t lame! haha 🙂 Little assortments are my favorite thing to eat for dinner- anything with some good meats, cheeses & crackers & I’m in! It looks amazing!

  5. I am a total lame-o on weeknights! It usually goes like this: Leave work at 4:30. Workout 5-6. Cook dinner and eat 6-7. Shower, get ready for the next day and have a glass of wine with Scott 7-9. Bedtime 9:30. But it is fun sometimes to go outside of the norm!

  6. So I think we both know that your night time routine isn’t lame…. 😉

    I do love a break in routine every couple of weeks or so, mid week especially- it’s a good change and a great way to catch up with others or get Thai food….as I may have done earlier today.

  7. Coco is so pretty! I must say I love early nights during the week, but I can never go the full 5 days without switching it up a bit! I get antsy. Girls nights like that are a great excuse 😉

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