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Hotel gyms and room service

After a long drive up to Northern VA last night I did my last college fair of the year. It feels great to be nearing the end of this year’s recruiting season and before I know it, I’ll be drinking margaritas on the beach in Mexico!

After 3 hours of driving and a 2-hour fair, it felt great to check in to my hotel and be able to relax.


After talking to Riley and saying good night, I was tucked in bed and asleep by 9:30.

My alarm went off at 5:00 this morning and I threw on some gym clothes and headed to the hotel gym. It was actually one of the nicer one’s I’ve stayed at and I’ll have to remember this place for next year. They had a cardio room, then a separate room for weights.


I started my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching the morning news. After my warm-up, I headed into the weight area to work on my chest, back, and arms. I’m trying to make more of an effort to work my upper body, so I spent about 25 minutes focusing on those areas.

And just because, I did something I never do and took a selfie…


I only took that picture because I was excited about my matching top/sneakers combo. Stupid, I know.

And since I can, I ordered room service last night to be delivered for breakfast. My hotel doesn’t have free breakfast (the downside to staying here, I guess), and I didn’t feel like tracking down a Starbucks during rush hour. I treated myself to eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast, grapefruit juice, and coffee.


I figured I may as well treat myself for making it through a successful recruiting travel season!

I’m hitting the road really soon since I’ve got 3 meetings this afternoon in the office. Luckily, my room service even came with a to-go cup for my coffee! Any place that delivers a whole pot of coffee to me is a winner in my book.

Have a great day!

What workout did/will you do today?


17 thoughts on “Hotel gyms and room service

  1. Today I started with a 35 minute run and a little abs and this afternoon I hit the weights for quad and calve day! One of my favorites 😊 minus those box jumps yuck haha

  2. So impressed with your dedication after travel! I need to channel you more next week and get to the hotel gym πŸ™‚

    Loving your cute top and shoe combo! It’s a great photo of you.

    I will be so jealous of your holiday but you so deserve it and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Oooh I love hotel breakfasts! And that really is a nice workout space, some hotels are just BLAH and then I end up going to my room to do a workout! haha

    Today I did an elyptical workout and upper body/ back lifting, followed by some yoga and deep breathing exercises πŸ™‚

  4. Love your workout outfit! I usually feel weird taking selfless at my normal gym since I feel like everyone would be watching me and wondering why in the world I was taking selfless haha! I probably would snap one of two at a small gym, though, if I had everything all perfectly matched like you ;).

    That room service looks delish! Glad you treated yourself a bit πŸ™‚

  5. That’s actually not a bad gym! I once stayed in a hotel in NYC- it was safe and small and cheap, that’s all I needed. The gym was the size of a closet. There was 1 treadmill from 1980 and a TV.

  6. I love the selfie. You are so cute! The hotel we stayed at in NYC had a separate room for cardio and weights, too. I liked that idea! Room service is the best. I remember getting it on the cruise and just having it delivered to me was an amazing thing!

  7. I can’t believe I have the same kind of sneakers! I just wished I had them on as often as you do! It is amazing to see you so dedicated even while traveling. Even if I establish some kind of a workout routine, holidays and journeys are something that always throws me out of balance. I guess I always find an excuse to not go to the gym! One day I am tired, another one I have no time. I was thinking about having a climbing walls installed in our basement, since it is great for strength and endurance training and still fun at the same time, but I really don’t have spare 50 thousand! Instead, I will probably just remodel an empty room in our house into a home gym with a couple of weights, a Bosu ball and some mirrors.
    Post more selfies! I need some inspiration to stay motivated πŸ™‚

  8. I give you kudos for getting up and at the gym at 5! At my age the 9 o’clock class is early enough for me. Bet that breakfast lasted you most of the day! Tonight I do 14.5 of the Crossfit Open. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 thruster/burpees. I will be glad when it is over; however, think I will qualify for regionals so I’ll have to gear up for those 4 workouts. Right now sitting #1 in hampton roads in my age group (women 60+) #7 in mid atlantic region and 103/340 in world. Tonight will be a beast of a workout…..glad you’re seeing the end of recruiting season and looking forward to some much needed relaxation!

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