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WIAW- Keeping it together

This week has been an exercise in not losing my mind. I missed you all yesterday because…well, because I just couldn’t get it together. I’ll refrain from whining, but let’s just say I’ve hit a wall with my work schedule and stress, so you may not see a ton of me this week. I’ll do my best to pop in, but we’ll see how it goes.

Tina Fey Gif


Luckily, I did some food prep over the weekend that at least helped make the whole food situation a little easier. I remember saying on Sunday, “my future self will thank me for this!” and that’s definitely been true. Having easy meals and snacks pre-made has made this week just a little bit easier. With that said, let’s get on with the party and get nosy with everything I ate yesterday. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!



Half of a banana bread bagel topped with cream cheese. Eaten with a coconut vanilla Greek yogurt.

Banana bagel

I don’t normally eat bagels for breakfast because I’m hungry 20 seconds later. These were half-price at the grocery store, however, and I couldn’t resist. They’re freakishly delicious and I want to eat all of them. Something about a toasted bagel and cream cheese is super addictive.


Because, obviously I needed it. I have an espresso maker at home, but sometimes my local Starbucks barista just does such a better job of making my Americano.

Starbucks Americano



I was hungry basically all morning (thanks a lot, bagel) so I ate both my snacks early: baby carrots and a granola bar.

Carrot snack


Granola bar


For lunch, I pulled out one of the salads I pre-made on Sunday: yogurt ranch dressing, whole-grain quinoa, chicken breast meat, cucumber, carrots, and spinach.

Make-ahead salad

Finally, the chicken and quinoa filled me up and I was good for the rest of the afternoon.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted and basically “over it.” Rather than try and come up with something tasty, my goal just became to be less hungry. I grabbed one of the carrot oat muffins I made on Sunday. That and Riley made me a White Russian to ease the stress- perks of having a former bartender for a husband. Totally normal combination…

muffin and White Russian

Since you can’t just have a muffin and a cocktail for dinner (or can you?), I grabbed a white cheddar Babybel cheese and a big cracker that tasted like cardboard. Never buying those crackers again, so lesson learned on that one.

Babybell cheese

And that’s my day in a nutshell! I’m learning that food prep definitely does make a difference, especially when things get stressful. If I didn’t have pre-made salads and veggies ready for me, you’d probably be looking at very different pictures today. While my dinner was pathetic less than organized, I did my best to get some sort of nutrition….I mean, I’m sure the skim milk in my White Russian (correction…two White Russians) provided some calcium for the day. Right? Right? Validate me, please.

Anyway, as well all know, I do the best I can and don’t stress the rest. Some days I nail the healthy thing, other days I don’t. I’m sure most of you would agree that most days are a combination of the two. I’ll never be the girl that only drinks water and eats steamed chicken with broccoli for dinner, and I’m totally OK with that.

I’m hoping to turn this week around, so I started today off with a great HIIT run and some ab work at the gym. I’m also hoping to get outside a little more since it will be close to summer temps!

Hope you all have a great day!

Do you ever just lose all motivation by dinner?

What’s your best way of relieving stress? I’m currently utilizing exercise, 8 hours of sleep, and alcohol, but additional suggestions are welcome….


21 thoughts on “WIAW- Keeping it together

  1. Thanks for keeping it real buddy- nothing wrong with days like these. And a white Russian is definitely a healthy night cap.

    Stupid bagel, setting you up like that…but stand back..Banana bread flavoured? I’d forgive it.

  2. Aww lady, I hope things start to calm down for you soon ❤ I definitely go through periods like that as well, but the good news is they don't last. And it's perfectly normal not to be on top of your eats when you have tonnes of other stuff to deal with. It's all about looking at the bigger picture.

    • So true that the rough patch will definitely go away soon! I feel like I’m never totally on top of my eats, but what can you do. Not giving up wine any time soon, so guess I’ll just hover in that gray semi-healthy area haha

  3. Ah stress situations call for breakfast dinners! Easy, not much thought into it! Take a deep breath and meditate for 5 minutes! It’ll calm you a bit 😀

  4. I had a bagel yesterday morning, and I actually find on those days I’m hungrier at night. It doesn’t make sense but I do love me some b agels! I hope your week settles down a bit 😦 White Russians are my favorite drink. I could use one now 😉

  5. So weird that bagels don’t keep you full! That happens with me with smoothies, but a bagel usualy does the trick. Hope you can find some time to relax soon love!

  6. A banana bread bagel sounds delicious, but I agree bagels don’t keep me full either! I haven’t had a White Russian in forever! I need to change that, thank you for bringing it to my attention haha

  7. I agree that a toasted bagel with cream cheese is awesome but leave me hungry like 2 seconds later. . . And food prep saves me during ALL the busy weeks. Hang in there – Friday is coming!

  8. Not good on the work front! I feel like the last few weeks I’ve been right there with you. At least you had the good hindsight to do some food prep so you had things to reach for when you were feeling over it. I’ve never had a White Russian before but you’ve definitely made me curious to want to try it.

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