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Because I’m happy

It’s finally Friday, which means I only have ONE more work event tomorrow! I’m pretty tired of working 6-day weeks, but tomorrow is the last one of the season, so I won’t have any more Admission events for the next 6 months. In the spirit of positive thinking, I’m going to kick off this Friday by choosing to be happy instead of focusing on the negative!

dancing minions

Since minions are now on the brain, let’s all take a minute to listen to the Happiest Song Ever. There, that feels better!

I think it’s important to take a step back when things get stressful and find a little perspective. I read an article on 12 Things Happy People Do Differently and it really hit home. I’ve done a fair amount of wallowing this week and it’s not pretty. It’s also not like me. I’m usually the one that always finds the silver lining, so I wanted to harness that positive energy and turn my attitude around. After all, happiness is a choice, not something that just happens to you!

The article outlined good habits that happy people have, and I normally relate to most of these, but I wanted to focus on three today:

1) Cultivate Optimism

I’m not the only one who’s hit the proverbial wall at work. Everyone in my office is in the same boat, working long hours and 6-day weeks. Because of this, I’ve decided to lead by example and go into this Saturday with a positive outlook and remind my co-workers how hard we’ve worked and what a great day it’s going to be. I can’t change my circumstances right now, but I can definitely change how I react to it. Hopefully, having a good attitude will rub off!

2) Savor Life’s Joys

This one is usually pretty easy for me! It doesn’t take a lot to make me smile and there are definitely a few little joys that have perked me up this week.

First, I received my first ever order of Nutzo butter! I’ve never ordered it due to the insane price tag ($12.99 for nut butter??? No.), but it was on sale for $5 so I couldn’t say no. Turns out, the stuff is really freakin’ good! Not $13 good, but still really good.

Nutzo Butter

Second, I’m savoring the beautiful weather outside. I’ve gone to work without a jacket every day, and taken Bella for walks around the neighborhood when I get home from work. I definitely think sunny skies can work wonders for the soul. I also think that spending time with a dog definitely makes you appreciate the little things. Bella’s attitude always reminds me to slow down and savor life.

Bella in spring

That’s not a recent picture of her, but it always makes me smile! Every time she closes her eyes when a breeze comes through she melts my heart. She is one happy dog!

3) Take Care Of Your Body

If you read my blog, you probably already know that this one is super important. My stress levels dramatically decrease when I get lots of sleep, work out, and eat well. While it’s been tempting to blow off the gym in favor of…well, wallowing, I’ve resisted the urge. It’s because of the stress that I NEED to work out. I always feel ten times better after a workout, so I got up this morning nice and early to make it happen. Today’s workout was 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by some leg work in the weights area.

No matter how your week has gone, I hope you take some time today to step back and appreciate all the great things in your life and find some perspective of your own. And to top this post off, I just realized that in exactly 30 days Riley and I will be arriving in Mexico for our vacation. Can’t think of a better reason to celebrate than that.

Have a great day and an even better weekend!

Which of these healthy habits will you do today?

What’s making you happy?

Will the Pharrell Happy song ever get old?

11 thoughts on “Because I’m happy

  1. I’m so happy I read this first thing in the morning- it’s exactly what I needed to hear. It’s such a good reminder. I’m heading to the gym now, where I know my workout will definitely make a difference. I can always tell a difference in my mood when I’ve been exercising consistently or not. Six days in a row of work is brutal! Good for you for pushing through it & by Sunday I’m sure you’ll feel awesome- weeks like that make me feel so productive. When I work that hard & cross off a bunch of “to-do’s” I feel awesome. One more day & you’ll be there! πŸ™‚

  2. I love that song too! My favourite though is Get Lucky.

    Bella is too cute in that photo.

    I find writing down things I’m grateful for and meditating regularly are great stress relievers for me. Like you sleep makes all the difference! Yay to it being your last 6 day week.

  3. That song (and the minions accompanying it) will never get old. I honestly believe that happiness is a choice and that we can do so much to improve our quality of life if we just shift our perspective a bit. I read a quote somewhere that said happiness is 10% circumstance and 90% attitude… and I seriously couldn’t agree more.

    Happy Friday, girl!

  4. Bella looks adorable in the photo! I think that appreciating and enjoying the little things makes life a lot easier. Thanks for sharing, and wooot you are finally over 6 days weeks πŸ˜‰ That’s reason enought to treat yourself to the $13 nut butter!

  5. I was literally listening to Pharrell all morning & kind of google stalking him & his wife too. Did you know he’s from VA Beach? I had on idea.

    Aw, look at Bella smiling in the sun! I’m thinking she thought there was a camera flash which is why she decided to close her eyes LOL

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