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Build-it-up treadmill workout

Working out at 5 AM is hard. No gettin’ around it, it sucks. Ok, I take that back. The workout itself never sucks. The hardest part is when the alarm goes off and during the 10-minute pep talk during which I mentally kick my own ass. Once I’m up, things are fine. Getting started at the gym, however, can be a challenge. It’d be easy to just hop on a machine and go slow and easy, but I like to get the most out of my gym time. If I’m waking up at 4:30, it better be worth it!

We all know about the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Not only is it great for your metabolism, overall fitness levels, and burning calories, but it’s also a great way to curb boredom at the gym. You can read all about the benefits here. My biggest problem is that I’m usually still half-asleep when I start my workout, so jumping right in is pretty difficult.

I’ve been playing around on the treadmill lately and came up with my own version of a treadmill run that builds up to the HIIT part. This workout is meant to be done on a treadmill, but you could adapt it for an outdoors run.

Build-it-up HIIT Treadmill workout

I’ve done this a few times now and I’m always super sweaty afterwards! You can play around with the speeds to your liking, but I think it’s a great workout as-is. If you want to incorporate rest times into the workout, you can use the last minute of each segment to walk on an incline.

For the sprint/rest section, I start at 9.0 and do 20 seconds of sprinting, then hop off to the sides of the treadmill for 10 seconds. I increase the speed by .5 until I’m at 11.0.

That’s all I got for today, so now I’m off to get ready for work. Have a good one!

What’s your favorite form of HIIT?


12 thoughts on “Build-it-up treadmill workout

  1. I always admire your dedication getting up at 5am to workout. Earliest Ive managed is 5.45 and that was tough!

    I think running is probably my favourite form of HITT training too. Your workout looks like a good one, I’d just need to convert it to kms πŸ˜‰

  2. I tried doing HIIT on the treadmill once and thought I would actually break my knees! I must be so unco to not be able to do that running bit then jumping to the sides!

    Favourite hiit is skipping or box jumps…on very low boxes!

    • Haha definitely takes coordination to not fall on the treadmill (one of my biggest fears).

      I’m scared of doing box jumps. I keep thinking I won’t jump high enough and keep banging my shins on the box….

  3. I love treadmill intervals too! I do them most the time before my upper body lifting days and nothing starts my morning better!

  4. The treadmills hiit for me are a love/hate. Love the adrenaline and the feeling, but believe that I’m counting the seconds when I’m going really fast. This workout is definitively one I’ll be willing to try, and loving to hate πŸ˜‰

  5. I completely agree with you on that the hardest part it just getting out of bed! And that’s with me NOT working out at 5 AM. Girl, you cray haha! Great treadmill workout! I love how it tacks on a bit of speed little by little to give your body some time to wakeup. I’d probably just be tossed off of it if I tried to start off too fast when I was half asleep ;).

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