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I’m ready for my closeup

Good morning, friends! I’m starting today off in a great mood. Things at work have started to slow down and that means a little time off! I haven’t taken a personal or vacation day since Christmas break, so when I asked my boss if I could spend some time with Riley, he couldn’t say no. I’m working a half day today, then I’ve got all day off tomorrow. Since Riley has Wed/Thu off, this means a lunch date, possible movie, and happy hour/dinner later today. Then tomorrow, we get to veg out and enjoy a whole day together. I can’t wait!

Before I can get to the break, though, I’ve got to make it through a photo shoot at work. Apparently, a couple co-workers and I will have our faces on some admission publications, so I was instructed by my boss to “look good” today (as opposed to the other days? hmmm). Getting photo-ready has made me realize that my personal maintenance has suffered lately in several areas. I also really need to work on my smizing skills.


Jeez. I hope they’re generous with the Photoshop…My new goal for the weekend is now to get my hair under control and give myself a mani/pedi.

I had some tasty eats yesterday that I want to share, so let’s take a look! Thanks to Jenn for hosting!



First up: breakfast. I couldn’t decide if I wanted peanut butter toast or avocado toast, so I had one of each on Ezekiel bread.

Avocado toast and nutzo toast

The lack of good protein caught up with me and by lunch I was starving! My favorite co-worker and I hit up Panera for lunch and I filled right up. I had the Asian sesame salad and the turkey avocado BLT. I had an apple on the side, which I saved for my office snack stash.

Panera Asian salad and sandwich

I think I ate a little too quickly in my enthusiasm and felt a tad sick when I was done, but we walked it off for a while and took the long way around campus to get back to our offices.

Dinner was a random assortment of leftovers that actually turned into a really good dinner: spinach, chicken breast meat, black beans, onion, and avocado, topped with Southwestern ranch dressing. A short ingredient list made this easy to throw together, but it filled me up and was delicious.

Southwestern salad

After dinner, I enjoyed a couple glasses of sauvignon blanc with a few mini macaroons from Trader Joe’s. Gotta end with a treat, right?


And that’s my whole day! I didn’t end up snacking at all, which I attribute to just getting busy at work. I was definitely hungry in the morning, probably from the lack of real protein at breakfast.

Well, I have a lot of prepping to do for my upcoming photos, so I better run. I need to be ready!!


I think the smizing practice session in my bathroom last night after a couple glasses of wine probably wasn’t the best idea. I now have wildly skewed ideas of how one should pose while taking pictures.



Anyway, I’ll catch up with you later, cause I gotta go put on three times my normal amount of makeup. Have a great day!

Are you awkward in pictures? I actually do OK most of the time, though I usually end up having the same exact face in every single picture.

What’s the best thing you ate lately?


25 thoughts on “I’m ready for my closeup

  1. Smizing. No joke, but I swear I read somewhere she trademarked that word…that and booty tooch. Do your coworkers read this blog? If they do, the cats out of the bag as to who the favourite is. Now as for that breakfast…it’s a delicious sacrifice for the lack of protein πŸ˜‰

    Lol kelly you may not know it, but your the Tina Fey of the blog world.

  2. hahahaha that last picture cracks me up. Smile pretty & enjoy your 1/2 day. So excited your boss allowed you to take off tomorrow. Sounds like you & Riley have a fun day planned πŸ™‚

    btw- Panera Rocks & you now gave me a serious panera craving! GRR

  3. HAHA, that pose is hilarious. Unnnreal. And I totally make the same face in all my pictures…aka, a big-toothed grin. I feel “unnatural” making other faces unless it’s a goofy one or something. Definitely gotta practice smizing…

    The best thing I’ve eaten lately is definitely my baked sweet potatoes. Plain. Just baked. Soooo delicious and natural and perfect πŸ™‚

  4. I genuinely have no idea how someone can pose like that! I’m sure you’ll look fab. You’ve got that killer smile anyway πŸ˜‰

    C has been out of town for 2 weeks but is home tonight. We’re taking tomorrow off to hang out together. There’s something exciting about having a day off in the middle of the week!

  5. Haha. This made me laugh. I’m sure you’ll do great in your pictures. It’s funny- I am the least photogenic person EVER. I have a strange knack for always looking super awkward.. The best quote I’ve gotten from one of my best friends “well, Courtney, you just look way better in person.” I don’t know which is better, but apparently she meant it as a compliment? Happy Wednesday. πŸ™‚

  6. Your dinner reminds me of mine! I love just throwing some things all together it always turns out great!

  7. So excited for your mini-vacation! From what you describe, it sounds like work has been pretty killer for you and you definitely deserve a break. Your plans sound glorious! And ohh stoppp! I’m sure you look gorgeous in the pictures from your photo shoot sans photoshop! You have the prettiest bone structure and I’m sure even on a lazy day you still look beautiful :).

    I’ve been eyeing those macaroons at TJ ever since you first posted them. Definitely going to snatch up a box next time I’m at the store. They’re just too cute and delicious looking to pas up!

  8. I’m always trying to avoid double chins in photos so then I sometimes do an awkward pose with my chin and it just looks so so silly!

    I’m drooling at all your eats as per usual!

    So happy your boss has given in and decided to give you that mini vacation as you so so deserve it. Enjoy your time with Riley!

  9. I used to watch ANTM and it has given me more of an appreciation on actually how hard it is to look good in photos! Being beautiful does not equal a good photo! I think I used to look better in photos than I do now… but I’m getting old, so I think that’s why.

    • So true! I used to watch ANTM all the time and I was impressed by how much work it is.
      Those great looking candid shots do tend to be more and more rare these days…Guess I’m getting old too!

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