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Days off are good for the soul

You guys, I feel awesome! I haven’t felt this refreshed in a while. I attribute this to having the past day and a half off with Riley. I took some personal time so we could actually have time off together, which hasn’t happened since he started his new job in February. I also hadn’t taken any personal time since Christmas break, so I was waaaay overdue!

We packed a lot of fun into our time together. As soon as I got home from work Wednesday, we went out to grab some lunch. We decided to try out a new place called Au Bon Pain that was pretty good. I had a roast beef sandwich on multigrain baguette and it hit the spot. I’d definitely say roast beef sandwiches are my favorites.

Au Bon Pan roast beef

After fueling up, we ran some errands, then hit up the outlet mall for some shopping. I got a cute work skirt and a pair of jeans from the Banana Republic outlet for $28. Score!

Once we were home, we got on a bit of a frenzy trying to make room in our closet. Storage space is scarce in our house, so we decided to do some spring cleaning and donate some stuff to Goodwill. By the time we were done, we had 3 bags to get rid of!

Clothes donations

All that work made us thirsty, so we headed out to Prime 46 Forty for happy hour. We sipped on a few glasses of wine while snacking on their parmesan truffle french fries. They were amazing!

Prime 46 forty fries and wine

Yesterday was spent relaxing and watching the last few episodes of True Detective on HBO. Have you seen that show? Holy cow, it’s so good! We got totally sucked in and couldn’t stop till we’d finished the season.

While we vegged out, I also got to enjoy lots of snuggles with my favorite cuddler, Coco.

Snuggling with Coco

Riley took advantage of the nice weather and gave Bella a bath, which is about her least favorite thing in the entire world. She’s always completely miserable while getting a bath, and I feel so bad for her and how pitiful she gets.

Bella getting a bath

To round out our day off, I made a some salads and Riley grilled some turkey burgers for dinner.

Garden salad and turkey burger

And that was about it! It was awesome to have some normalcy and hang out with Riley. I’m hoping that once summer comes I can take off these days more often.

I’m super pumped that I only have to work today, then the weekend starts all over again. I started my day out with a great workout and a smoothie for breakfast, so things are already off to a good start. Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?

What’s your favorite type of sandwich?

13 thoughts on “Days off are good for the soul

  1. Yay to you having some proper down time and some normalcy!! You’ve worked so damn hard you definitely deserve the break.

    I’ve only watched episode 1 of true detective as then I got hooked on the Following but I need to go back to watching more episodes as my best friend is obsessed too!

    Happy Friday!!

    P.S. of course loving the picture of Coco πŸ˜‰

  2. You know how I feel about TV but for some reason I could not get into True Detective! As much as I would like to be relaxing all weekend long, I have 2 birthday parties, working on Sunday and am babysitting my niece and nephew. I might have to give myself Monday off lol!

  3. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day… maybe not so much for Bella though πŸ˜† And how amazing of a feeling is it to declutter some things… I know I always feel so much better when I get rid of some of the extra crap that’s been weighing me down.

    Happy weekend, lovely lady!

  4. Some sisterly bonding time! Much needed for sure πŸ™‚
    I love the classics pb&j’s and grilled cheese πŸ™‚

  5. I Love Au Bon Pain- It trumped Subway as my favourite sandwich chain in America!

    Is this the outlet mall that is next to your place (I hope I’m referring to the right blogger…I’m sure I read on here you live opposite or next to one!)

    Glad you got to relax after all this crazy working hours you’ve had!

  6. Yay! Lots of downtime for you and it looks like you’re making the best out of your mini-vacation. Roast beef is definitely my favorite lunch meat as well. I love the texture and flavor of it :). Doesn’t cleaning out unneeded things make you feel amazing?! Whenever I’m ambitious and do a massive cleaning, I feel like I can breathe again in my apartment.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Okay is Prime 46 near where joshua and I will be staying? If so, it looks delicious & thats where I want to eat when we all meet in September. Okay? Okay!…. or are there better places? πŸ™‚

    So happy you’ve been enjoying all this down time w/ your man. Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend now as well!

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