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Bella does Colonial Williamsburg, and other awesome weekend things

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! The weather was perfect, I was relaxed, and I spent every minute I could outdoors. Here are some of the best parts:

Taking Bella to Colonial Williamsburg

She’s found her new happy place. We don’t take her out in public a lot cause she’s a spaz in the car, but I wanted to get her out and about, and figured that the historic area is only a five minute drive. Once we were there, she was so happy! We took a 45-minute walk Saturday and Sunday morning and she loved every minute of it.

Bella in CW collage

She sat and posed nicely for me several times.

Bella and the CW mansion

And she got to meet some of the baby sheep that are now everywhere. They were so cute!

Baby sheep CW

Exercising outdoors

I spent a lot of time outside walking and running, including a 3 mile run Sunday morning. I also enjoyed some sunbathing and smoothies on the back deck.

Running and smoothies collage

Sunday brunch with Mom

To round out my weekend, I got to see my mom! Neither of us were up for long drives, so we tried to meet mostly in the middle. We met on the outskirts of Richmond at a great place called The Boathouse Restaurant, which had awesome views of Richmond and the James river.

View from the Boathouse

We enjoyed some prosecco and strawberries to start while we chatted and enjoyed the view.

Kelly at the Boathouse

For lunch, I had a crab cake sandwich, which was super delicious!

Boathouse crab cake sandwich

I’d love to go back sometime with Riley. My parents have eaten dinner there and said the sunsets are amazing!

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, running errands, finally giving myself a mani/pedi, and hanging out with Riley when he got home from work.

That’s all for now, so have a great Monday!

What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite way to exercise outdoors? Running’s my favorite, but long and leisurely walks have been really nice lately.


10 thoughts on “Bella does Colonial Williamsburg, and other awesome weekend things

  1. Oh I love running when it gets nice out but walks are my second go to it is always so nice just to breathe in the fresh warm air!

  2. I would have kidnapped those sheep and made a shepherds pie. har har har.

    Sounds like a pretty rockin’ weekend! My favourite outdoor workouts is walking….to a cafe for brunch. Speaking of which. Crab cake sandwich? Hello.

  3. Smoothies, sun, morning run, walks with Bella, now that’s a relaxing weekend πŸ˜›

    This weekend I decided to disconnect from the computer, though I used the cell (guilty), but I knew that if I spent one more minute in front of it, I was going to die. The solution? Mom and daughter time! I’m leaving in May 7, so I’m trying to squeeze every minute with family πŸ˜‰

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