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WIAW- The day of indicision

Soooo, how bout this completely random freezing weather? Not cool, Mother Nature. I thought everything was all fine until I left to go to the gym this morning and it was 35 degrees. I know I shouldn’t complain since a lot of you got snow yesterday (what???), but I thought we were done with all this!

Anyway, it’s Wendesday, so let’s take a look at what I’ve been eating lately. Well, yesterday anyway. I couldn’t seem to make up my mind about what I wanted to eat all day, which resulted in some pretty random meals for me. Let’s take a look! Thanks to Jenn for hosting this weekly party.


I wandered around the kitchen aimlessly and couldn’t decide on a breakfast. I was hungry, though, so I ate a banana while I tried to decide.



I somehow ended up at Starbucks. The perk/curse of living right across the street from one! I ordered a grande Americano and their new breakfast sandwich, the vegetable fontiago.



Starbucks breakfast sandwich

The sandwich had eggs, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions and fontiago cheese. It was actually super tasty!

I was busy all morning up until lunch, which was leftover pasta with homemade chicken sausage meat sauce.

Pasta leftovers

Later that afternoon I started to crave a salty snack, so I grabbed a bag of sweet potato tortilla chips. They’re my absolute favorite!

Sweet potato chips

For dinner, I got indecisive again. I eventually made a super random dinner by heating up a link of chicken sausage and put it on top of this lentil mixture (lentils, garbanzo beans, tomatoes and olive oil) from Trader Joe’s.

Chicken sausage and lentils

I learned a valuable lesson from this dinner: I hate lentils. Don’t be mad! I know healthy people are supposed to like things like lentils, but EW. They are gross and I’m never eating them again. I really thought I would like that dinner and it was incredibly disappointing. I had to eat a slice of cheese to get rid of the taste.

cheddar slice

I got a nice, “umm, you’re taking a picture of your cheese?” from Riley. He judges me, but it’s fine.

And that’s about it! I’m running a bit late today after my workout, so I better run and pull out one of the sweaters I’d already put away for the year.

Have a great day!

What’s a “healthy” food that you hate?

Do you feel stupid taking pictures of random foods like slices of cheese? Cause I feel like an idiot, but I do it for you, my dear readers.


21 thoughts on “WIAW- The day of indicision

  1. I’m actually not a big fan of lentils either the texture is just awful! Haha glad we have that in common 😊 and never! I’m sue everyone knows by now my phone is full of food pictures in fact I hardly even have pictures of people haha

  2. Apologise to the cheese. You should NEVER apologise for taking such a beautiful photo.

    Oh lentils. You and me both- for me it’s probably chickpeas, because my stomach goes gaga. And that’s awesome the starbucks sandwich tasted good- I tried the ham and cheddar one there. It tasted like cardboard and lies.

  3. I put my sweaters away, too, and it snowed yesterday. Not cool at all! Don’t apologize for the cheese picture 😉 Cheese is way too delicious to be apologized for! haha There are more healthy foods that i hate than I like, haha, we’d be here all day! I will say the newest addition to our veggie front is asparagus.

  4. It snowed here yesterday! Waaaaaaah! I was outside thinking it looked more like Christmas than Easter. Why, Nature… why?!? SO over it. And I don’t mind lentils, but I can’t stand zucchini, eggplant, and most fish. I tried to get into fish ’cause of the health benefits and all, but I just can’t do the smell 😯

  5. I actually love lentils but they don’t love me. My stomach always hurts after I eat them so I really can’t eat them.

    Food that’s healthy I hate? Beetroot. Yuck it just tastes like dirt to me. I’d be happy to eat cheese afterwards though 😉

  6. I love how colorful all your food is. Theres just so much variety I love it. I get the weird looks all the time from my family when I take pictures of my food. I think they have started to think I’m going crazy.

  7. Mhmm that leftover pasta looks SO good! I’m a huge fan of red meat sauce and that sprinkle of cheese make me want to shove the entire thing in my mouth hahah. AND YOUR DINNER. Even though you hate lentils, that photo looks delicious :).

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