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A low-key Easter weekend

My favorite weekends are the ones that are well balanced- a combination of fun, friends, relaxation, and getting a few things done. I had all of those things this weekend and it was great! This post will be short and sweet since I stayed up late to watch Game Of Thrones. I figure Monday posts will be short in the foreseeable future because of this.

Friday night my co-worker and I carpooled home in the Holiday Traffic From Hell, so we promptly went straight to happy hour. Happy hour turned into us meeting up with Riley and some friends for hibachi dinner and numerous sake shots. More drinking than I’d planned, but we were still home pretty early since Riley had work on Saturday.


Saturday was a lazy day. I did some shopping and found a new bathing suit for Mexico (yay!), bought some other cute stuff, but mostly spent the day hanging out at home.

For Easter Sunday, my mom came down to visit and hung out with me for several hours. I made a really tasty quiche (recipe here) and cut up some fresh strawberries.



Fresh strawberries

And if you have fresh strawberries at brunch, you have to put them in champagne!

Easter champagne

With some hash browns and sweet potato biscuits, we loaded up our plates and spent the afternoon sitting outside and chatting. I don’t always get to see my mom regularly so twice in one week was a treat! I wish I’d taken more pictures, but at the time it was nice to just put the laptop away and enjoy being in the moment.

I had great plans to work out over the weekend, but my legs were still sore from Friday and I was lazy. I did walk Bella a couple times, and I’m counting all the walking I did while shopping on Saturday. Either way, I’ll be making tomorrow’s workout a good one!

On that note, I better run so I can get to work. Have a great day!

What did you do this weekend?


9 thoughts on “A low-key Easter weekend

  1. This weekend was pretty low key for me too! Friday was spent on a run and running around to the store and target, Saturday was my families Easter lunch since I yesterday I had to travel back to school for classes today! So I got coffee with a friend !

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend indeed! Walking while shopping definitely counts as exercise!

    How good is sake? I went with Nick last Thursday to a Japanese restaurant and we had a bottle of warm sake it was so good.

    I really need to make quiche. I always enjoy it when I have it but never think to make it.

    This weekend I did a bunch of cooking, cleaning and eating 😉 I did manage a run and a quick workout on Easter morning.

  3. Yup, you said it the combo of family, friends, relaxing time, lazy time :P, the make everything better!!

    the highlight of my weekend was my nephew’s baptism and family -quality- time!! have a nice week

    ps: walking is always exercise 🙂

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