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Egg sandwiches on the road

Good morning! I’m just popping in from my hotel room this morning. I had a quick little trip up here to northern VA yesterday for a college panel last night. It went really well, but it was almost 10:00 by the time I got to my hotel, which made for a pretty long day.

After tossing and turning allllll night, I got up at 6:00 and decided to hit the hotel gym.


My long night must’ve been worse than I thought because I had NO energy. I always want to do cardio and today I just wasn’t feeling it. I did 10 minutes on the bike before calling it quits. I grabbed some 15 lb. dumbbells and did some upper body work instead. I usually use 10 lbs. when I work my arms (cause I’m a weakling when it comes to upper body), but they only had 5 lbs. or 15, so I went with the heavier ones.

After doing some chest presses, bicep curls, hammer curls, triceps dips, triceps extensions and some chest flys, I was just about done. Quickest workout ever!

I went over to the free breakfast area to grab some food and was once again hit with indecisiveness. We’ve been over my issues with breakfast buffets before. So, of course, I made myself something completely random: English muffin sandwich with eggs, spinach, cheese, and salsa.


And a glass of cranberry juice, since I apparently drink cranberry juice all the time. Ugh, I suck at buffets. The sandwich wasn’t very good cause it completely fell apart, but I ate it anyway. I spent the whole 3 minutes of eating time wondering why I didn’t make a Greek yogurt bowl instead. Or PB toast and a banana. Why?!? <sigh> Next time….. Next time.

Now I’m off to grab a quick shower and hit the road. I’ve got a bunch of work waiting in the office, so I want to get back as soon as possible. Catch you all tomorrow!

Where are you strongest- upper body or lower?

What do you get for breakfast at hotels?


18 thoughts on “Egg sandwiches on the road

  1. I always get the wrong things at buffets too or panic and get way more food than I need just because it is there!

    Well done on still getting a workout done even if you were tired. This morning I let my excuses win out because I didn’t sleep well. Got to change that tomorrow morning.

    I think I have a stronger upper body than lower body. My deadlifts are my strongest but my squats I am terribly weak on.

    • I totally understand! I panic and get the wrong thing too, all the time. I’m already getting anxious about the breakfast buffet at our resort on vacation haha.

      I can squat all day long before I’ll work my upper body. I’m sooo weak in the arms!

  2. I am so greedy at buffets and get ALL the smoked salmon (if it’s there) or if not….condiments. Yep, strange one here.

    I wish my upper body was stronger but it’s my lower body which takes the (non edible) cake!

  3. My upper body is definitely weaker – such a pain at crossfit, am definitely the weakest there. But making progress and getting stronger which is the main thing!

    At hotels I always go with what I don’t normally have at home – like smoked salmon and poached eggs – but most of the time it’s eggs, bacon and fruit, they always seem to appear at buffets!

  4. My lower body is way stronger than my upper. I blame volleyball for that. Whenever I go to breakfast buffets I try to do alittle bit of everything or switch it up everyday. It’s nice to be able to have something different than my usual boring breakfast

  5. Wait, I actually can’t handle buffets. They are so overwhelming and I usually end up with something I don’t even want! How do these things even happen??

  6. The bright side to breakfast buffets is that if you change your mind halfway through, you can! I feel bad for wasting food for like 2 minutes and then I get over it.

    I can’t even tell you the number of times I have gone to the gym and legit done 10 mins of nothing before calling it quits. I used to beat myself up over it but now I don’t care. I figure I must be tired so hey why not go lie on the couch instead. A for effort! lol I would make the worst personal trainer ever…

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