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What I ate in Mexico

Good morning! I’m back into the swing of things here at home (despite it being hotter in VA than it was in Mexico), and life has quieted down a lot. Now that all the students are gone, work is weirdly quiet, though I’m loving the business casual dress code and open parking!

If you missed my Mexico recaps you can catch up on Part One and Part Two. Today, though, is all about the food. I had a ton of great meals in Mexico that I wanted to share with you. Given the fact that it’s Wednesday, I’m linking up with Jenn for a little WIAW action!



I tried to have a strategy in Mexico- to eat healthy for breakfast and lunch, then have whatever I wanted for dinner. With all-inclusive resorts it’s easy to get carried away and I wanted to keep things mostly healthy! It worked out really well, especially since our resort buffets had a ton of great healthy options to choose from. Most mornings I had fresh fruit, yogurt topped with granola/fruit/coconut/nuts, and a green juice. The resort made their green juice with apple, celery, spinach, and pineapple and was a very addictive combo. Who knew celery would taste so good in juice?

Mexico Breakfast Collage


Lunches were also pretty healthy, thanks to a giant salad bar. Again, everything was really fresh so I had a ton to choose from. In addition to the salad bar, they had a bunch of pre-made salad options (Caribbean salad, Italian salad, etc.) that were fun to sample. A few days I tried the featured dishes being cooked on the grill. I also helped myself to chips and guacamole more than a few times!

Mexico Lunch collage


Dinners were varied every night. One of my favorites was the Mediterranean seafood night, where I ordered a pesto fish (don’t remember what kind of fish) as my entree that was to die for!

Seafood dinner collage Mexico

The resort’s Mexican restaurants had some great food too- tostadas, a chorizo & cheese dish that I thought would be the death of me (Riley’s selection, of course, always ordering the best dish), and some mole enchiladas.

Mexican resort food collage

French night was a delicious night as well- I ordered a crab meat appetizer and rack of lamb that was cooked perfectly!

French restaurant in Mexico

Finally, our anniversary dinner was amazing. The highlight was definitely the ceviche, but the quesadillas were pretty awesome as well.

Mexico anniversary dinner collage


A trip to Mexico isn’t complete with a lot of beverages! I had spa smoothies from the healthy beach bar, mudslides, wine, green juice, and of course, lots of margaritas. By the end of the week, I mainly stuck to wine for alcohol because I couldn’t handle all the sugary drinks anymore! One of my favorite spots was the healthy beach bar, which made tons of healthy smoothies. I got one every day when we were at the beach.

Mexico drinks collage

And that’s about it! I didn’t eat a lot of sweets because I’m not really a big fan of Mexican desserts. I think flan is completely disgusting and most of the stuff I tried just wasn’t sweet enough for me. I never felt like I was deprived or over-doing it at any point. I loved that the resort had enough healthy and delicious options that I could stay balanced throughout the week.

I’ll see you all tomorrow with a workout, but for now have a good one!

What’s your favorite Mexican dish?


14 thoughts on “What I ate in Mexico

  1. I’d say you did awesome w/ making sure to get in some healthy options. Not surprised though as I could imagine there were many fruits & vegetables in season down there.. right? Good for you on not passing up those adult beverages. They look so good & man could I go for one right about now… i mean it is 2 in the afternoon here LOL. However, like they say it’s 5 o’clock somewhere šŸ™‚ Hahaha!

  2. I love that options you had! What a wonderful job you did on sticking to healthy options. I really like your philosophy on food! I’m going to use that this summer when I go away šŸ™‚ I am with you on the desserts. Those were like the options on our cruise and I just didnt feel it! haha

  3. Okay, I take back what I said in the previous comment…the cerviche certainly holds NOTHING to my tuna. Not even elusive dreams could rectify that! You ate really well during here and it definitely exemplifies balance! šŸ™‚

  4. Love the approach to healthy breakfasts and lunches followed by whatever you want for dinner. I tend to crave lighter things in the earlier part of the day when the weather is nice, so that’s probably what I would do as well… especially if there was so much delicious fresh fruit available!

  5. That sounds awesome! I am a huge fan of salad bars! In fact they are my favorite for eating out! My favorite Mexican dish has to be fajitas ! I love just eating the goodies right out of the sizzling pan!

  6. Your foods look soo good, and healthy as well! Too bad you don’t like flan, I mean I don’t know how they do it in Mexico, but I can tell you that puertorican flan (custard) is yummy!!

  7. Yummm! Love how fresh everything is in Mexico. And how funny– when I was there a month and a half ago they used the same green juice combo!! Super yummy and addictive, I totally agree! And yay for staying on top of your workouts and clean eats while you were there– makes it slightly easier to come back when that is the case šŸ™‚

  8. Everything looked so good! I’m the opposite of you-I would be stuffing my face silly at breakfast!! It’s my favorite meal of the day. But really, I can see how it would be easy to go overboard at the all inclusive hotels. I’ve never been to one but with all that deliciousness, I don’t think I could help myself!

  9. OMG all your eats look absolutely delicious! Why did I look at this on a fast day? So silly!

    I love putting celery in my green juices. Nick isn’t a fan but if I put lemon in it too it masks the flavour, something to try if you do want to have them more often.

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